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Les mer om Cosmedic og våre merkevarer.
Les mer om Cosmedic og våre merkevarer.

Radiance Vitamin 4 amp x 5 ml (Microneedling) Pro

by Casmara

Brightening, revitalizing, anti-fatigue vitamin protocol

Brightening, revitalizing, anti-fatigue vitamin protocol which intensely brightens the face and prevents photo-aging.

Provides the skin with all the necessary nutrients and energy that it needs to look radiant.

Powerful ultra-revitalizing cocktail with a high concentration of vitamin C, enhanced by an extra dose of all the vitamins that the skin needs to look radiant.
Contains amino acids, minerals and coenzymes, which are absolutely essential for all cellular processes to function correctly.

Brightens, evens the skin tone and acts on the signs of aging, tiredness and stress reflected in the skin, providing a ‘healthy face’ effect. Its high concentration of
antioxidants protects against the negative effects of environmental aggressions and free radicals, preventing premature skin aging.